I like to depict people's characteristics through clay, while highlighting each person's unique qualities. Each sculpture is placed on a wooden plaque to show the individuals' importance.


The Intimate Collection all started from one stone carving that I made in college, which I could fit in the palm of my hand. The small portrayal of intimacy felt like an unexpected interruption of privacy for viewers because of their need to look closely at the piece. The collection ranges from sweeter moments of intimacy to oftentimes hidden moments of kinkiness.


I once said, when asked to describe this collection, "You know, man, just regular hand gestures," and now I can't quite get that description out of my head. However, it seems more appropriate to describe this collection further. I always wanted to make an obscene amount of mini hands and leave them in places that I had been, so that people would find them and question where they came from. Hands are crucial in our lives in many capacities, and I've enjoyed sculpting hands based on the various gifts they give us.



Typically, blue is used to describe a feeling of melancholy or sadness; whereas for me it represents finding the beauty in things, and is the inspiration behind most of my work, ranging from pieces that focus on sexual orientation to gender non-conformity.


These works are abstract, made from soapstone. They are carved with hammer and chisel, and then they are sanded, polished, and placed on a bamboo base.


Inspiration for my personal work can range from how I am feeling to something that inspired me in the moment. Some works are of nightmares that I've had, or something that I have seen or experienced that I've wanted to portray. It is my hope that my work can grant viewers insight on a situation, experience, or feeling that they might not otherwise see.


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